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Larry and Adrienne Brauer
E-Mail: LarryB7053@aol.com

ABOUT US - Here you can find out a little bit about us and what we have done.
OUR PLANS - Although we don't like to plan too much, we do make general plans. However like all plans, they are subject to change.
WHERE ARE WE?- This is actually a series of E-mails. When we started full timing we quickly learned that our grand kids kept asking their parents "Where are Grandma and Grandpa?"
WHERE WE'VE BEEN - These are photographs we have taken on our travels. The early photographs are in .pdf format which can get quite large. More recent photos are in more of an album made for the web.
GENEALOGY - Larry's been interested in genealogy for some time. It's an interesting project that is never complete.
LINKS - This section will provide links to various other web sites that might be of interest. Some of them are family sites and some are sites that are related to RVing.
FAQs - Many web pages have a section for Frequently Asked Questions. We added this section to answer some specific questions that we have been asked.
MUSINGS - Every once in a while, we will write something that might be of interest to people. Here you will find some of those writings.
Photo Blog - We've tried several different ways to display photos and this is a new one. We've started with some of our 2007 photos. Let us know how your like it.

Thank you to Black Cat Communications for making this web site possible.

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