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    In May 2001, we became Full Time RVers. That is our only home has had six wheels. When we were married, in 1993, we talked at length about living in an RV after we retired. We weren't sure what kind of RV would suit us. Even on our honeymoon we went to an RV show and looked at all sorts of motor homes, trailers, and fifth wheels. We had narrowed the choice down to a motor home or fifth wheel. A few months later, a friend was selling his 26 foot 1977 Winnebago Chieftain. We looked at it, decided that the price was reasonable, and bought it.
    The Chieftain demonstrated that we didn't like the RV lifestyle, we LOVED IT. We used that Winnebago every chance we could. If we had a weekend free, we would go to campgrounds nearby, when we took a vacation, we mapped out our plans based on where campgrounds were located.
    After about 4 years, we had the opportunity to upgrade the Winnie to a 30 foot 1990 Southwind. We thought this was luxury. We had a real bed, albeit small, we didn't have to go outside to light the water heater, we didn't have to lie on the floor to light the furnace, and it had a built in television and microwave. Again, we used this as much as possible. When Adrienne had to teach weekend CPR classes at a college out of town, we simply loaded up the RV and spent two nights at or near the college. When Adrienne had to teach Kids' Time classes out of town, or had to monitor some of her Kids' Time instructors, we always took the RV. Of course, there were also vacations to Arizona and Oregon.
    In 2001, Larry became eligible to retire from Federal Service. We decided to sell the house, dispose of all our "stuff" and live full time in our RV. In March we put the house on the market, in April we had an acceptable offer, in May we were living full time in the Southwind.
    We knew that we wanted to purchase a new RV, one that would be better suited for full timing than the Southwind. So we had been looking at new RVs for several years and comparing the various features.
    We finally decided on a 2001 Winnebago Adventurer, Model 35U, on a Workhorse Chassis. After we decided on what we wanted, we put together a list of all the details and extras along with Winnebago's MSRP for each item. We sent this to three different dealers with a description of the Southwind, and asked for a price. The three quotes we received with all within $300 of each other. Well, now we had to select a dealer and price was not a consideration. We finally ordered the RV from Recreation USA (now Venture Out RV) in Bakersfield California. We took delivery on June 1, 2001.
    The step up from the 1977 Winnie to the 1990 Southwind was tremendous. The step up from the 1990 Southwind to the 2001 Adventurer was just as big. This is wonderful, and the dealer has been very good on the minor warranty things that must be fixed.
    In January 2006, on a rainy day in Eugene Oregon, we traded in our wonderful Adventurer on a 2006 Winnebago Journey 39K. Now this isn't quite the upgrade that the earlier motorhomes were, but it does have different features and considerably more storage and drawer space. The original floor plan had two couches. We had one of the couches removed and had a computer desk installed.

Our 2006 Winnebago Journey

    If you want to see what our earlier motor homes looked like, Click Here.

    Both of us retired in August 2001 and have quickly changed from stationary full timers to full timers on the road. We have to add, we love it!