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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is workamping and how do you get started?

Q2. How long do you plan to be full time RVers?

Q1. What is workamping and how do you get started?
    The term workamping refers to jobs that are consistent with the full time RVing life style. There are all kinds of jobs available. The jobs available are typically short term jobs (one to five months). Many of the jobs are in campgrounds. They can be volunteer positions in National Parks or State Parks, or they can be paying jobs for National Park Concessionaires, private campgrounds, or other places.
    We have worked for a National Park concession at Crater Lake National Park, three private campgrounds, and the Arizona Marketplace in Yuma. We were paid at all but one of the jobs. The one job where we were not paid, we worked 25 hours a week between the two of us and received a free site, a discount on meals and propane, free utilities, and free golf.
    There are several ways to learn about workamping jobs. The easiest way is to subscribe to "Workamper News," a magazine that is published six times a year. They have two different types of subscriptions, the regular subscription which is the magazine, and the "Workamper Plus" subscription which will include almost daily emails listing jobs that are available within the next few weeks. Three of the jobs we have had, we found through Workamper Magazine.
    Another way of finding workamping jobs is through the KOA web site. KOA (Kampgrounds of America) is a chain of well known family campgrounds. We have worked a one KOA and will soon be at another KOA. Once you have experience at one KOA and get a good reference, it will be easy to get a job at another koa.
    Consider the following two links to get more information. Please let them know that Larry and Adrienne Brauer referred you to their site.
       Workamper News

Q2. How long do you plan to be full time RVers?
    The short answer is, We don't know. We plan to continue full timing until we get tired of the life style. So far we have been full time RVers for almost 6 years and we haven't gotten tired of it yet.