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This page contains links for various web sites. We don't put just any link on this page. We only use links that we have found useful.

Private Web Sites
Movin' On
This web site was created by Barb and Ron Hofmeister, authors of An Alternative Lifestyle & Movin' On. We learned a lot from their two books and their web page. This is an excellent resource for people who might want to become full time RVers.

Family Web Sites
Several of our family members have their own web sites, so we thought we would include links to them


RV Clubs
If you are serious about RVing and the RV Lifestyle whether you are Full Timers, Full Timer Want to Be's, or week-end RVers, you should consider some of the benefits from these RV Clubs. We are members of all the organizations listed.
Escapees RV Club
Escapees is an excellent RV club that is known for their support for Full Time RVers. The have some campgrounds mostly in the Gulf states and the West Coast. If you decide to join, please use our names (Larry and Adrienne Brauer, and number 69739) as the people who referred you. They really provide excellent support for RVers. As an example, you can always stay at an Escapees Park. It may be dry camping (free for the first night) but they will never turn away an Escapee!
Join the Good Sam Club!
An excellent club that provides many services for the part time RVer as well as the Full Time RVer. Although we have used some of their services, we will only recommend those that we have actually used. It would be even better if we could turn off the junk mail.
The Family Motor Coach Association is for people who own motorhomes. It provides many services, some of which are unique to FMCA.
Passport America - Save 50% At over 1100 Campgrounds in the USA, Canada and Mexico
Membership in Passport America allows you to camp at specific campgrounds for half price. If you join, you will be sent a campground directory that gives you the campgrounds that honor the discount and the limitations. Although there are quite a few campgrounds in their directory, there will be restrictions on dates, length of stay, etc. We have found this valuable and have certainly saved more than the membership dues, but, we have talked to some people who have found it inconvient. Still, it's worthwhile to check it out.
Workamper Logo
Workamper News is a bi-monthly magazine. This is what we have used to find workamping jobs. Some of these jobs pay, some just give you a free site in exchange for 15 to 20 hours of work per week. We have workamped at three different locations since we retired and we found all three jobs through Workampers! If you are interested in Workamping, be sure to check this out. If you decide to subscribe please us our names (Larry and Adrienne Brauer) and the number (87928) as the referral.

Commercial Pages
Generic 88x31
Camping World is a good source for RV supplies and various things unique to RVing and Camping.

Although Amazon started out as a book seller, they have expanded to include many other items. In fact, almost any item you can think of. We have bought books, videos, electronics, vaccuum filters, software, and other items through Amazon and we have been very satisified with the service.