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    Plans always have a tendency to change so sometimes people question the idea of making plans. The key is to make plans but to allow those plans to change. That's exactly what we try to do.
    When we retired in August 2001, we still had some committments in the Ridgecrest/Inyokern area. So it was several weeks after we retired that we were actually able to hit the road. Our plan was to head north into Oregon (a state that both of us love) to visit Michelle (Larry's older daughter). Then we would head back into California to have a reunion with all six of our kids and all five of our grandchildren. We did that and it was great.
    Then we headed south to spend a few days with Larry's younger daughter Denise. Then we headed east. We spent Thanksgiving in Phoenix with Adrienne's father. Then we spent a week in Tucson. Then we slowly headed east. In December we were in Livingston Texas and formally established Texas as our home state. In Texas we were at the Escapees Rainbow Park in Livingston. If anyone is interested in full time RVing, Escapees is really a good organization to check out.
    After Texas we headed east again. First into Cajun country, then New Orleans, Bilioxi Mississippi, Summerdale Alabama (near Mobile), then into Florida.
    After taking our time in the panhandle and down the Gulf Coast of Florida, we spent almost a week with Lynne and John, Larry's sister and brother-in-law in Port Charlotte. Then down to Everglades City, Everglades National Park, and Key West. Although Key West is expensive, Larry is a retired from Federal Service after working for the Navy (as a civilian) for 30 years. This qualified us to stay at the Naval Air Station Key West for $11.00 a night.
    We then headed north on the East Coast of Florida.
    We traveled North again to Savanah Georgia and then Atlanta Georgia where Larry grew up. After Atlanta we headed West through parts of Alabama, Mississippi, a corner of Tennessee, and into Oklahoma. In Oklahoma we visited the Cherokee Nation and Oklahoma City. Both of these places were very interesting. If you're ever in Oklahoma City make sure you visit the Oklahoma City Memorial. It's worth the trip and the museum is very well done.
    After spending about a month visiting children and grandchildren, we started for Alaska. Driving to Alaska is sometimes called the "Ultimate RVing Experience," it is and it was great. People ask us what we liked best and the entire trip was so fantastic it's difficult to say what the best part was. It was all great. We thoroughly enjoyed both Canada and Alaska.
    During the summer of 2003 we were at Crater Lake National Park workamping for Xanterra, the concessionaire for the National Park Service at Crater Lake. That was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.
    In late 2003 we started workamping for a private campground in El Centro California. We were two of the 40 plus workampers there. We certainly enjoyed or winter.
    Summer of 2004 found us workamping at the Manchester Beach KOA in Manchester California. Although orginally we had just planned on spending the summer there, we actually spent three seasons there. Although we did take time off during the winter, we spent most of two winters there. Manchester is on the Northern California coast and is in a very beautiful area. Although there were a number of reasons we stayed so long, the primary reason was the manager and her family.
     During the winter of 2007 found us in Yuma Arizona. To keep busy we found jobs at the Arizona Market Place, a very large "swap meet." The Market Place has over 1000 spaces for vendors. Many vendors rent more than one space. It's really more of a flea market than a swap meet, but whatever you call it, it's an interesting place. We are running a hot dog and ice cream booth. It's a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun.

Our Plans

    For the first time, we have made somewhat long range plans. We have accepted jobs at the West Yellowstone KOA and are due to report there (depending on amount of snow on the ground) on May 7. After West Yellowstone, we just aren't sure. We may do some more traveling, we may continue workamping, or we may do something else, we just haven't planned beyond the summer at West Yellowstone.