Subj:  62. Where are we?
Date:  Monday, April 1, 2002 8:03:38 PM

Two of the five people we write the "Where are we's?" for are with us, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to do a real one even though we send these emails to 31 different people. But, we are in the Valley of the Sun, in Phoenix Arizona.

We spent a few days in the Ridgecrest area to see three of our grand children and see some friends. We promised two of our grandchildren we would take them to see their dad in Phoenix. As it turns out, Doug, Adrienne's youngest son, is working in Phoenix selling cars (if you're in Phoenix and looking for a car, be sure to stop by Showcase Honda and ask for Doug Swinford). We promised his daughter, Breanna, that we would take her and her sister (Ashley) to visit Doug over their Spring Break. That's the real reason we are here. However, it's always good to see Adrienne's Dad, Bill Keene, and Judy (Bill Keene's very special "significant other").

We left Inyokern on Easter Sunday, and spent last night in the Date Capital of California (that's Indio). Today we drove the rest of the way to Phoenix. After arriving here, at Adrienne's Dad's house, the two girls took baths, changed clothes, and we went to see Doug at work.

Several people have asked about the cost of living in an RV and the cost of gas. I checked our expenses for March and here's the result.

On March 1, we arrived in Atlanta Georgia. During March, we drove from Atlanta, to Memphis, to Oklahoma City, to Lakewood New Mexico, to Las Cruces, to Inyokern California, and to Indio California. That turns out to be about 3,000 miles. We spent about $550 on gasoline, paying anywhere from $1.00/gallon to $1.56/gallon of gas. We also spent a total of $378 on campground fees. That includes a few free nights of camping to spending $36 for one night at an RV resort in Indio. Gasoline and Campground fees are our two biggest monthly expenses. Now, considering that we have traveled quite a bit, we hope you can see that full time RVing is not really expensive. If you think that's expensive, consider what it would cost to stay in motels for 31 days and eat out three meals a day. Plus, all that time you are keeping a house or apartment.

We plan on leaving Phoenix next Saturday and getting back to the Ridgecrest area either Saturday or Sunday, so the girls can be back in school on Monday.

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