Where are we?
January 2003

Subj:  125. Where are we?
Date:  Sunday, January 5, 2003 8:17:46 AM

After hearing from some people asking us what we were doing now, we just realized that we haven't sent out a "Where are we? since October. We never realized just how many people were really interested in our adventures.

In our last Where are we? we let everyone know we were back in Inyokern California. Although we are still in Inyokern, we have been busy.

First, at the end of October we took the motorhome to Lancaster California for a week so Larry could be Certified to be an American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Instructor. That required going to a Tuesday evening class, a Wednesday evening class, and an all day Saturday class. Rather than driving to Lancaster three times, we just drove the motorhome to Lancaster and spent the week there. It was interesting because while we were there, the local Red Cross Chapter even put Adrienne to work teaching a CPR and First Aid class on Saturday while Larry was taking his class. Since then, we have taught two CPR classes.

In November we went to San Diego for sort of a Family Reunion. That's really a family reunion for us, our children, and our grandchildren. Everyone stayed at the San Diego Metro KOA. Of course we had our motorhome, and everyone else had Kamping Kabins. It was really enjoyable. Five of our combined six children were there, one of Larry's daughters couldn't make it because of job commitments and we missed her. All of our five grandchildren were there as well as Adrienne's dad and his close friend Judy. We had lots of fun even though we had to change plans because of rain. Imagine that, rain in San Diego! We even finished up our Alaskan Halibut when we fried the Halibut cheeks for dinner. Yes, we had enough Halibut cheeks to feed everyone. If you aren't familiar with Halibut cheeks, they are actually the cheeks from the Halibut and are probably the best part of the Halibut. Halibut is a great tasting fish and the cheeks are the best of the best.

We've also taken care of the little things that need to be done. We've both seen the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. Larry needed to see the dermatologist to have a couple of small skin cancers removed, and, after our long excursion to Alaska we had to clean the motorhome inside and out.

We spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas here. New Years found us in Phoenix Arizona. We took one of our grandchildren to Phoenix with us so she could spend a few days with her daddy.

We've also been helping out the Carrie Ovall Children's Center. This is the day care center that Adrienne opened and ran for 12 years. The center is planning to expand into Infant Care so we will probably be here for a few more months to help the center with the expansion. Adrienne has also provided some training to the staff of the Center.

Since we aren't traveling right now, it may seem like we could get bored here. But we have enough happening that boredom is not a problem and we're still having fun. However, we're sure that in a few months we will be ready to start traveling again.

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