Where are we?
August 2003

Subj:  130. Where are we?
Date:  Thursday, August 14, 2003

If you've been reading our emails, you already know where we are, Crater Lake National Park. We have been workamping for about 5 weeks now and we are still enjoying it. As the season moves on, and so do some of the seasonal employees, our jobs have changed slightly. Yes, Adrienne still works the Kiosk and Larry still works as a Campground Attendant. But, sometimes we have additional duties. Sometimes Adrienne works in housekeeping at the Mazama Lodge (this is not the well known Crater Lake Lodge which is about 8 miles from here). This is typically for about three hours when the kiosk is not busy and there are other people working in it.

Larry sometimes drives the laundry truck. The only laundry is down here in Mazama Village and they have to do all the laundry for Mazama Lodge, Crater Lake Lodge, and the restaurants at the rim. Larry may also work in the Kiosk in the future but that hasn't happened yet.

We don't have the aches and pains that we had the first week. Fortunately our stamina is returning and we are certainly losing a little weight. Plus, it's still a lot of fun.

Michelle and Keith came up to Crater Lake and camped here a couple of weeks ago. Larry still has a hard time thinking about Michelle in a tent however, she did well. Of course she also enjoyed visiting the RV and being able to take a real hot shower. They had a beautiful, large tent campsite overlooking Annie Creek Canyon. Xanterra even comped the cost of the campsite. Even though we had to work, we really enjoyed their visit and they seemed to enjoy it too.

Michelle and Keith's visit reminds us of a story we have to tell. One of Larry's tasks is to drive a golf cart through the campground in the morning to pick up the slips showing that the campsite was paid for. Well, in the morning, many of the campers are cooking breakfast and most of them seem to be cooking bacon. Just imagine 211 campers cooking bacon! It's hard to ignore the smell of cooking bacon. When Keith and Michelle were here, he finally had the chance to have a piece of bacon during his first run through the campground. That may not sound significant to you, but it certainly was to Larry!

The weather here has certainly been different. At first it was cool in the mornings (we used our heater several times) and warm in the afternoon. Then we had several 90 degree days. It certainly wasn't as bad as Ridgecrest summers but it was noticeably warm. Then it turned cool again with some rain. So far, the coldest it's been was 33 degrees and the warmest was 90 degrees. That's certainly better than Ridgecrest.

While working we discovered some things that could have been done better. So we did our usual thing and came up with some ideas for improving various processes. We proposed several ideas to our boss, who presented them to the Operations Manager, and they were approved. So in some small ways, we have had an impact on the ways Xanterra does things (and there are many things the company could improve).

We figure we must have done something right. Today, Thursday, August 14, our boss asked us if we would extend our contract. We agreed. So we will be here until October 15 or until Mazama Village closes down because of snow, which ever happens first. We are also looking at potential winter jobs. We may consider Death Valley, the Everglades, or Grand Canyon. Of course those jobs are with Xanterra, we may also look for other jobs for the winter. We are open for almost anything just so we get to do some touring around between jobs.

Speaking of touring around, there is still a lot of Crater Lake National Park we have not explored. It seems like our two days off every week are taken up by shopping (we have to drive at least 55 miles to find a grocery store), or doing other important things like laundry and such.

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