Where are we?
November 2003

Subj:     139. Where are we?
Date:     Sunday, November 2, 2003 4:25:03 PM

We left Salt Lake City today. Although we really wanted to stay longer, we saw the weather forcast and decided maybe we should head south. So we did. We are now in Utah's Dixie, where the summers are warm and the winters mild. This area was settled during the Civil War by Mormons sent by Brigham Young to raise cotton. This area has become a winter resort for retiree's and is a key gateway to the greatest concentration of national parks.

Most of what we saw in Salt Lake City was snow. It was snowing when we came into Salt Lake City on Thursday. It snowed on Friday while Larry did some research at the Family History Library and Adrienne got a hair cut and perm. It snowed on Saturday while we just stayed in the RV and worked on things that we had put off for a long time. Fortunately, it warmed up a little on Saturday night so we decided on Sunday morning to make our getaway. The weather forcast Sunday morning called for five more days of snow showers.

The weather in Salt Lake City was unfortunate. There were a lot of things that we wanted to see and do but it was difficult to see much of anything through the snow flurries. However, Larry did find a little more information on his ancesters.

Where are we now? We are in the red rock country of Southern Utah. We are close to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, several national monuments, state parks, and lakes. We are in St. George Utah.

The Brauers
Havin' Fun
in Utah

Subj:     140. Where are we?
Date:     Wednesday, November 5, 2003

We are now back where we started, a high desert valley in the Golden
State that is known for a Navy Base. That's not much of a hint but, if
you really know us, it should be enough for you to figure our where we
are now.

St. George Utah was fun. Monday, we drove the truck into Zion National
Park. WOW! Zion is mostly a canyon with very high sandstone cliffs. The
six mile drive into the canyon was really beautiful. On the way we
stopped at the Zion Lodge for lunch. The lodge is operated by Xanterra,
the same company we worked for in Crater Lake. We even had lunch with a
lady we met at Crater Lake who had transferred to Zion.

One of the neat things about driving a six mile dead end road, the road
into Zion Canyon, is that once you see the sights going in, you get to
have a different perspective driving back out of the canyon. Besides
driving the canyon, we also drove to the South entrance of the park.
This drive takes you up the side of the canyon, through a mile long
tunnel and a short second tunnel, up to the top of the canyon. The
landscape here was completely different from the canyon floor. Here,
instead of the tall sandstone canyon walls, you have kind of rolling
hills of sandstone. It was a beautiful drive.

Tuesday, we left St. George and planned on stopping at Primm Nevada for
the night. Primm is only about 150 miles from St. George so we planned a
short drive. When we reached Primm, we discovered that the Primm RV Park
was closed! The park was being expanded and it was closed during the
expansion. Since that was the only RV park in the area and it was still
early in the day, we decided to continue another 200 miles to our
current location.

Where are we? We're back in Inyokern California. We plan on being here
off and on for maybe a month. We have a couple of CPR and First Aid
classes to teach, we have to have our Grandkid fix, and we'll probably
have dental appointments.

The Brauers Havin' Fun

Subj:     141. Where are we?
Date:     Thursday, November 27, 2003

We are in California's oldest city, discovered by Juan Rodriguez
Cabrillo in 1542. It's a beautiful city with wonderful weather.
Unfortunately, it's still a large city with all the associated traffic
problems. However, we've done some sightseeing and it's been fun.

About a week ago we left Ridgecrest to take the RV to Bakersfield for to
get a few minor things fixed. That was on Wednesday, November 19. On
Thursday, we left Bakersfield to come here. Since then we've gone to the
Wild Animal Park, Mexico, shopping, visiting with Larry's daughter
Denise and her husband Aaron, and relaxing. Larry had been to the Wild
Animal Park several decades ago and it has changed tremendously.
Frankly, he wasn't really excited about going but his attitude changed
once we got there. It is certainly a worth while place to visit.

Our quick visit to Mexico was interesting. Tijuana has been cleaned up
significantly over the past couple of decades. Mostly we just walked the
tourist area with all the shops but it was an interesting diversion for
a few hours.

We had lots of plans to visit with several friends in San Diego.
However, everytime we get down here we are so busy with family and doing
some other things that we seldom have the time available. So we just
didn't have the time to even contact them.

One specific highlight we must mention is that we've finally updated our
website, www.brauersrvtravels.com, with some of the photos from Crater
Lake. We're still working on adding more pictures from Crater Lake as
wells as pictures from the Columbia River Gorge, Hell's Canyon, and Zion
National Park, but those will have to wait.

It should be obvious that we are in San Diego. Actually we're in Chula
Vista just south of San Diego but you can't tell the difference unless
you look at the street signs.

The Brauers Havin' Fun
in San Diego