Where are we?
December 2003

Subj:     142. Where are we?
Date:     Sunday, December 14, 2003   

We've accepted jobs, well, sort of jobs, for the Winter. We are in the desert and we are below sea level. However, we are not in Death Valley. We are in an agricultural area in California, in fact, according to the AAA Tour Book, this is one of the richest farming areas in the world. All the farming is done by irrigation. The water supply is so dependable that a favorite quotation here is: "The farmer does not pray for rain, he telephones for it!" This is also the winter home for the Blue Angels, the Navy's flight demonstration team. No we haven't seen the Blue Angels yet but we have seen quite a few F/A-18s flying out of the nearby Naval Air Station.

We arrived here on Thursday, December 11. We haven't really started working yet but should in the next few days. Together we will work a total of 25 hours a week in exchange for our site, utilities, and 10 rounds of golf per month. Yes, there is a golf course here. Larry hasn't played it yet but may this afternoon.

Larry is scheduled to work security from 9:00 PM until 1:00 AM. Adrienne is scheduled to work in the Cafe.

This is a short email but we haven't done too much since our last one. We are still working on updating our web site with more pictures but that will take some time, and a better internet connections.

Where are we? We are in the Imperial Valley of California just outside the town of El Centro. We should be here until March or April.

The Brauers
Havin' Fun
In El Centro.