Where are we?
March 2004

Subj:     144. Where are we?
Date:     Thursday, March 18, 2004 11:14:01 AM

Yes, we are still in El Centro enjoying the winter. Unfortunately, it has gotten rather warm. Now the temperatures are in the 90's during the day and cools off to the 60's at night. We will be here until the end of March. Then we head out to see visit with our children and our grandchildren. Speaking of grandchildren, Larry's older daughter is expecting a baby boy in early July. That blessed event helped us to decide what to do during the summer. We will be at Crater Lake National Park again. We are scheduled to arrive on June 2 and start work on June 3. A lot of the people we worked with last summer are returning this summer so we know we will have an enjoyable time.

It's been fun here at Rio Bend. The workampers are great. There are almost 50 workampers on the list and we have really enjoyed meeting and working with them. El Centro isn't necessarily the garden spot of the world but it has been fun. Larry's played about 40 9-hole rounds of golf while we've been here. What's even more exciting is that Adrienne has also played several rounds of golf.

Since this is the winter home of the Navy's Blue Angels, we've seen them practice their tight formation flying. In fact we even have pictures of them flying right over our motorhome.  Last weekend the Blue Angels did their first public performance at El Centro Naval Air Station, about 5 miles from the RV Park. Of course we went to the air show as did most of the people in El Centro. It was really great.

We've also taken two trips into Mexico. Algodones is an easy hours drive from here. Algodones is a relatively new border town but it is nothing like the other border towns we've visited. It's relatively clean, the people have obviously made an effort to cater to the Snowbirds in this area, and there are several nice restaurants. Both trips were lots of fun.

We've also visited with friends from Crater Lake who wintered in Yuma. We also took a drive to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, and the Salton Sea.

By the first of April, we plan to spend a few days in San Diego to visit with Larry's younger daughter and her husband. Then, back to Ridgecrest, Phoenix, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and several other places. By May we hope to be on the road sightseeing on the way to Oregon.

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