Where are we?
August 2004

Subj:     155. Where are we?
Date:     Tuesday, August 24, 2004

We'll start out this email by telling you exactly where we are. We are still in Manchester California working at the Manchester Beach KOA. However, we did take almost a week off to drive to Eugene to see our new grandson. Oh yes, we also saw Michelle and Denise as well as their husbands Keith and Aaron. Although the trip was long (an eleven hour drive each way) it was worth it to see both of Larry's daughters and Tristan Keith Nicolson, our 1 month old grandson.

While we were in Eugene, we were able to finally update our website (http://www.brauersrvtravels.com). So if you have an inclination to see pictures of Crater Lake and the Manchester Beach KOA, they are now on our website. Michelle and Keith have also posted pictures of Tristan on their website so if you want to see our new grandson, visit  http://www.blackcatcommunications.com/personal/baby/index.html

Hope all is well with everyone.

The Brauers
Havin' Fun
looking at pictures of Tristan Keith Nicolson.