Where are we?
January 2006

Subj:     164. Where are we?
Date:     Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well, we left Manchester today and started traveling again. This time it will be for about 6 weeks. Then we will return to the Manchester Beach KOA where we will stay until the end of November 2006.

We are now in a town in the Eel River Valley. This area is known for lumber, agriculture, and fishing. We aren't going to do much touring in this area because we will be heading north. But we do know that some of the nearby towns are known for their Victorian Architecture.

The drive today was quite interesting. There has been lots of rain in northern California and the impact of that rain really shows. The road from CA highway 1 to Booneville had obviously been flooded. Although the road was dry, the sides of the road were wet, there we standing puddles and ponds. Debris from the redwood trees and even several trees were on the ground. Mud was really thick and the Paul Demick campground (where we visited to do some tent camping) was covered in mud and debris. The Navarro River must have really been something.

During the New Year's Eve storms, roads both north and south were closed. However, we did have some happy stranded campers. Especially after the Happy Hour were provided New Year's Eve with snacks and champagne!

CA Highway 253, which goes from Booneville to Ukiah over the Coastal Mountains also showed the result of the rains. In one place one side of the road had obviously been washed out. Most of the wash out had been repaired but CalTrans was still working on it. Judging from the many spotlights in the area, they had to be working 24 hours a day.

Parts of US 101 had also been washed out. With all the rain damage, today was a very interesting drive.

This past week, we met a very interesting family from Haines Alaska. The family of nine (mother, father, 5 boys, and 2 girls) are traveling the lower 48 states to try to sell their children's books. The books were written by the father (Billy Brown), and illustrated by his wife or some of his kids. He shared some of his writings with us and we bought some of his CDs where he reads the books. He is a great writer, and his stories are interesting. It's obvious that many of his stories come from the heart. We certainly wish Billy and his family well and hope they are very successful. If anyone knows of a very low cost recording room where Billy can make more CDs, let us know and we will try to let him know.

Now, where are we? We are in Fortuna California but just for the night. Tomorrow we will head out again. After being parked for about 11 months, it sure is great to be on the road again, even if is for only six weeks.

The Brauers
Havin' Fun

Subj:     165. Where are we?
Date:     Tuesday, January 31, 2006 11:01:25 PM

Well, it's been a while since we last sent a "Where are we?" so this one will cover a lot. First of all, we are in an area where gold was found in 1851 by members of a mule train party who were passing through on their way to the Scott Valley gold fields from Oregon. Another more significant hint would be that we are about 16 miles south of Oregon.

Our last "Where are we?" was sent from Fortuna California almost two weeks ago. We've covered a lot of ground since then, and had some major events happen in our lives.

After Fortuna we drove all the way to Crescent City. That's maybe about 100 miles. In Crescent City we stayed at the Crescent City KOA. Thanks to being workampers at a KOA, we were comped for the night. The Crescent City KOA is really nice. The Kabins and the tent sites are all in the woods with redwood trees. Crescent City does have a couple of lighthouses within a few miles of each other. One of them, Battery Point Lighthouse is just off the mainland. One of the interesting features about the Battery Point Lighthouse is that it is on an island, except at low tide when you can walk to it without getting your feet wet.

Several miles north of the Battery Point lighthouse is the Saint George Reef lighthouse. This one is somewhat unique in that it is about six miles off shore. Frankly, it's not a pretty lighthouse. It looks kind of like a turret from a European Castle.

After Crescent City we drove to Florence Oregon. Florence is always a nice place to visit.

Finally, we drove from Florence to Eugene. Eugene is where Larry's grandson lives (our youngest), as well as his mother and father. Yes, we visited Tristan (as well as Michelle and Keith). We even stayed with Tristan for a night while mother and father took some much needed time away. We think that everyone had a good time. Tristan didn't even want us to leave. We have to mention that Tristan knows some sign language. No, he isn't deaf, he seems to have normal hearing. However, he has been fascinated by watching CDs of sign language. It's really cool. We watched several of them and learned some signs. At 18 months, he was able to tell us he was hungry, that he wanted milk, and several other things. After we fed him, he also said thank you in sign language. The CDs claim that if a small child can communicate using sign language, the terrible twos aren't so terrible. We're sure that Keith and Michelle will let us know if it's true.

While we were in Eugene, we spent some time looking at new motorhomes. That was a major mistake. We traded in our 2001 35 foot Winnebago Adventurer and we now have a 2006 39 foot Winnebago Journey. There were a few problems with the new motorhome that we had to have fixed before we left Eugene. Although we had planned on leaving Eugene on Saturday, January 28, we actually left today January 31. In fact, today was actually the first time we drove the new motorhome. It's on a Freightliner chassis, has a 350 horsepower Caterpillar Diesel Engine, and is a joy to drive. As soon as we get to someplace where the sun is out, we'll send some pictures.

We did have a new and positive adventure today before we experienced the snow over the Siskyou Pass. Adrienne had a gum infection and the antibiotics were not working. When we approached Roseburg, Oregon. Adrienne checked the Interstate Book and read that a large WalMart was not far off I-5. We parked the MH and went inside WM. Adrienne told the greeters that she was having problems and needed to see a dentist. The greeter recommended his dentist. The other greeter recommended asking the Pharmacist. In short, we called the greeter's dentist and Adrienne was seen within 15 minutes of arriving at the dentist. The dentist and the clinic were outstanding. Adrienne is on a different antibiotic and is doing fine. This is just an example of how good things can happen in a strange place while RVing.

Yes, it has rained a lot. In fact, we check our feet daily to see if we have webs between our toes.

Now, we are headed south to various places to visit friends, kids, and grandkids.

Where are we? We are spending the night in the rain in Yreka California.

Incidentally, we have stayed in five RV parks since we left the Manchester Beach KOA. All five of those RV parks have had free WI-FI Internet access.

The Brauer's
Havin' Fun
in a brand new Winnebago Journey.