Where are we?
March 2006

Subj:     170. Where are we?
Date:     Monday, March 6, 2006

It's Monday, March 6, and we just realized that a week ago today, we left Denise and Aaron in San Diego and headed east (not west as we mistakenly said in our E-mail). We have certainly done a lot of driving since leaving San Diego.

You already know that we were in Yuma Arizona a week ago. In Yuma we met up with some friends from Crater Lake. We hadn't seen them for a couple of years but we always seem to be able to keep in contact. Most of the time we were in Yuma we spent with our friends.

On the way to Yuma, we almost stopped by the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort near El Centro. This is where we spent the winter of 2003. Unfortunately, we decided that we didn't have enough time to stop, plus we didn't know if any of the people we worked with three years ago were still there. So we skipped Rio Bend and went on to Yuma. Well, as it turns out, there are some people that we knew at Rio Bend this winter. Unfortunately, we didn't know that until we received a telephone call from one of them on Sunday (as we were driving). We send our E-mails to some of those people and this couple thought we were in Yuma. They were going to the marketplace (kind of a flea market) that is popular during the winter and were going to visit us. But, as we said, when they called we were about 600 miles from Yuma and driving. Maybe next winter we will be able to visit Rio Bend again.

We left Yuma on Wednesday and drove all the way to Phoenix, less than 200 miles. In Phoenix we stayed with Adrienne's dad and his significant other. After spending several days in Phoenix, we headed out again. On Saturday we drove all the way from Phoenix to Bakersfield California, almost 500 miles. That was a long day and violates our rule of not driving too far, but we do have an appointment this week in Oregon and we wanted to really push our travel.

We only spent one night in Bakersfield yesterday headed north. We were on our way north when we received the phone call from our friends at Rio Bend.

Last night we spent the night in a KOA near the capitol of California. It's a nice KOA but not nearly as pretty as Manchester Beach KOA. Today we'll brave the weather and head north again. Because of the weather, we aren't sure which way we'll go. Our choices are I-5 or US 101. We'll have to get more information before we leave.

The Brauers
Havin' fun
Headin' to Oregon

Subj:     171. Where are we?
Date:     Thursday, March 9, 2006

Here we are in the southern end of the Williamette Valley. We are in an area known for RVs because there are several RV manufacturers in the area. This is a logging area as well as a valley that's known for it's agriculture.

We have to mention that we arrived here on Tuesday. Although we had some concern about driving up Interstate 5, over the Siskiyou Pass, it wasn't a problem. Before we left the Sacramento KOA, we checked the road conditions on the web. Interstate 5 at that time required snow chains to cross over the pass. About an hour north of Sacramento, we used the cell phone to check on road conditions, there was no mention of any problem on I-5 in northern California. So we decided to chance it. Driving over the pass was absolutely no problem. It was obvious that there had been several feet of snow but the road had been plowed and, except where we hit a little rain and even a few snow flurries, the road was dry.

We spent Monday night at the Rogue River State Park (full hook ups for $16 per night). Tuesday we drove the rest of the way to our current location.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we took the RV to the dealer to have a few things fixed. Yes, as all RVers know, there are always some things on a brand new RV that need attention. Everything that needed to be done under the warranty was accomplished.

Today, Thursday, we take the motorhome to have the computer desk installed. With luck, that will be completed today but we are allowing time tomorrow for it to be completed.

Today, we woke up with some fresh snow on the ground. It isn't much but it's still enough to know that it did indeed snow last night.

Where are we? This one should be easy, we are in Eugene Oregon.

The Brauers
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Subj:     172. Where are we?
Date:     Friday, March 24, 2006

WE'RE BACK! But where are we back to? Well, we are back in the land of rugged coast line, rocky cliffs, large redwood trees, and so much natural beauty it defies description.

Actually we've been here for just over a week. We just haven't had the time to let people know. We left Eugene Oregon on March 13 and headed south. We were concerned, as always this time of year, about crossing the pass into California. We made it with no real problem. The weather wasn't great but the worst part of the drive was the wind between Yreka and Shasta City California. But by driving slow (about 40 miles per hour) it wasn't a major problem. After spending the night in Redding, we headed to our current location. It was a good thing we left Oregon when we did and drove as far as we did. Tuesday we learned that I-5 had closed over the Siskiyous because of snow. Since we were on a scheduled to do an important favor for a friend, it's a good thing we left Oregon when we did.

The weekend before we left Eugene, we were able to spend some time with Tristan (oh yes, Michelle and Keith also). He remembered us from our visit in January and after a few minutes of shyness, welcomed us with hugs and kisses. We always enjoy visiting Michelle and Keith, and now that Tristan is in the picture it's even more fun. Unfortunately, we didn't get to be outdoors very much because of the weather. We spent six nights in Eugene and there was snow on the ground on three different days. We had fun anyway and were able to get most of the things on the new RV addressed. There is only one item left on our punch list and that requires some coordination with Winnebago. Fortunately, the item is cosmetic but it still needs to be taken care of, it should be taken care of the next time we are in Eugene (most likely in December).

Where are we? We are back at the Manchester Beach KOA. We started working again the day after we arrived and worked seven days straight before getting a day off. It's not that the campground is busy with customers, although it's not empty. There are still a lot of things that have to be done to get ready for the season, that's what keeping us busy.

As we said before, we've agreed to another season here but that's it. We're mobile, we're retired, and although we like this place and the people here, after one more season we will be ready to move on and Have Fun elsewhere. That's not to say we won't be workamping again but this is a great big, wonderful country that we want to visit at our leisure. Actually, workamping is a great way to do that. While workamping, you have time to learn more about an area, see the sights, and get to know a lot of nice people. It's also a good way to keep both mentally and physically active.

The Brauers
Havin' Fun
Back at the Manchester Beach KOA