Where are we?
December 2006

Subj:     178. Where are we?
Date:     Friday, December 1, 2006

It's Wednesday, November 29, and, although we know where are are, it's difficult to describe the area since we don't know much about this area. We are in a small town that we have stopped in a number of times, but only to fuel up the RV.

Leaving the Manchester Beach KOA was tough. After three seasons and two winters, leaving the wonderful people at the KOA was not easy. Monday (our last day of work) we had a going away party. It was great. We had gifts for every one and we received some wonderful gifts. The party was great, the food was great, and the company was even better. Although it's time for us to move on, we met some great people and we will miss them. But, we will be back for a visit. It's not Adios, it's Hasta La Vista, or as we said many times in the last several days, "No esta adios, esta hasta la vista."

Since we last sent an email, we cooked for the Octoberfest at the KOA. We served dinner to about 90 people, which is more than twice what we've done before. The menu included Bratwurst (the kind we've wanted to serve for the past two years and we were finally about to do it), Hot German Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, baked beans, rolls, cookie fingers, etc. We received lots of positive comments on the food.

Thanksgiving was also as popular as ever, even though we think there were fewer people than normal. But everyone had a great time and the food was fantastic, as always.

After leaving Manchester today, we had to stop in Ukiah to have carnitas for the last time. But we also purchased a couple of pounds of carnitas for later.

Even with what we've said already, today was really tough. Leaving the KOA wasn't the problem, leaving the people was.

Where are we? We are spending the night in Corning California. It's on I-5 about 125 miles north of Sacramento.

The Brauer's
Missing our friends at the Manchester Beach KOA but still
Havin' Fun

Subj:     179. Where are we?
Date:     Monday, December 4, 2006

We've been here so many times, it difficult to think of something new to describe where we are. We are in a city known for a college whose mascot is a Disney character (at least while they are at home). We are in an area known for covered bridges, lumber, and the second largest metropolitan area in the state.

We left Corning on Thursday, November 30, and drove to a town called Canyonville in Oregon. Now, we aren't sure exactly what Canyonville has to offer other than the Seven Feathers Casino. We stayed in the casino parking lot with full hookups. We also enjoyed the casino and two meals in its restaurants.

On December 1, we left Canyonville for our current location. Now we are helping Larry's oldest daughter with her wonderful two and a half year old son and her eight week old daughter. Yes, that's Tristan and Rachel. So far it's been mostly Tristan we have been taking care of. He certainly has the typical characteristics of a two year old, but he is one of the most well behaved two year olds we've met. That may seem to be contradictory but it's true.

We are also doing a lot of our Christmas shopping in the land of no sales tax.

Where are we? We are again in Eugene Oregon for a while. So far the weather has been cold. It will be nice to head to a warmer climate in the near future.

The Brauers
Havin' Fun
Being typical Grandparents

Subj:     180. Where are we?
Date:     Sunday, December 10, 2006

We are now located in a small town in Southern Oregon. We stopped here because the weather in the pass between southern Oregon and northern California is supposed to be bad. Consequently, we decided to drive south to a reasonable place and challenge the pass tomorrow.

We had a great time in Eugene. We spent a lot of time with Tristan (Larry's 2 1/2 year old grandson) and some time taking care of Rachel (Larry's 2 month old granddaughter). We were able to give Michelle a break while Keith was in Wisconsin. We also remembered just how much work a toddler and an infant can be. Yes, most of what we did was watch the little ones and take Tristan to Day Care. BUT, even as much work as it was, it was fun.

Where are we? We are at a KOA in Gold Hill Oregon. Gold Hill is a small town with a population of about 1000 people and a land area of 0.7 square miles. It seems like the only attraction here is the roadside attraction called the Oregon Vortex. No, we haven't visited it but it appears to be an attraction based on optical illusions.

The Brauers
Havin' fun
Heading toward warmer climates

Subj:     181. Where are we?
Date:     Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We've done a lot since our last email 8 days ago. But right now we are in a small, high desert town in California. This town is known for it's Navy Base. Yes, the Navy does have a Base in the middle of the desert over 100 miles away from the nearest ocean.

We last wrote from Gold Hill Oregon. After Gold Hill, we went to Redding CA, Patterson CA, Bakersfield CA, and finally Valencia CA. Our destination was Valencia because two of Adrienne's sons live in the Los Angeles area and Valencia is just North of LA.

We spent four days in Valencia driving back and forth between Valencia, Culver City, and Sun Valley. It really was great seeing the kids, their spouses, and four of our grand children.

Where we are now, we will be visiting two other kids and three grand children.

Now where are we? We are in Ridgecrest California where we lived for over thirty years.

The Brauers
Havin' Fun

Subj:     182. Where are we?
Date:     Monday, December 25, 2006

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We hope everyone is able to spend Christmas with someone special.

Well, after only a couple of busy days in Ridgecrest, we've moved on, three times. First we went to San Diego for two nights so we could visit with Denise and Aaron. Then to Yuma for a night just to break up the trip to where we are now. The state where we are is nicknamed "The Grand Canyon State." Although we are over one hundred miles from the Grand Canyon. The city we are in is a manufacturing center and a major winter-resort area. The city lies in the Salt River Valley, a flat region ringed by low mountains.

We had a great time in San Diego. It's always good to visit Denise and Aaron. San Diego is also a good place to visit although it has really grown over the years and traffic is becoming a major problem.

After San Diego we drove to Yuma Arizona. There were several reasons for our stop in Yuma. First we wanted to visit some good friends who winter in Yuma. Plus we wanted to check out the possibility of short term jobs in Yuma. Although we only spent one night in Yuma the job prospects look promising.

Today we drove to our current location.

Where are we? We are in the capital of Arizona, which is Phoenix. We are here visiting Adrienne's Dad for Christmas.

The Brauers
Havin' fun
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