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Where are we?

"Where are we?" is a series of Emails that we have sent to close friends and family. It started as a way to let our grandchildren know where are were at any time. We wanted to keep our grandchildren involved in our lives. Each Email starts with a description of where we are located, then continues with some of the things we have been doing or plan to do along with descriptions of what we've seen. Finally, at the end of the Email we disclose our location. We hope to update this page at least once a month.

If someone reading this wants to be included in our mailing list, please send us an EMail with your request. Our Email address is:


We would like to hear from people who visit our web site. BUT please, no jokes or pictures.

2001 - Although we retired in August 2001, we actually started our Full Time Life Style in May 2001 when our house sold and we moved into our motorhome. It was this year that the idea of the "Where are we?" emails started. It was also the year of our first major trip in the motorhome, we traveled several different places but the major trip was to the east. We spent New Year's Eve in Livingston Texas. We were in California, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

2002 - This continues our first major trip and includes Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and back to California. Then we take the DREAM TRIP. On May 2 we left the Grandkids in California and headed north. On May 15 we entered Canada, and on June 2 we entered the state of Alaska.
2003 - We start workamping in Crater Lake National Park. Also we visit the Columbia River Gorge, Parts of Idaho, Utah, and California.

2004 - We spend the winter workamping in El Centro California. During the summer we start workamping at Crater Lake but move to Manchester Beach KOA. Also, Larry gets a new grandson.

- We didn't do much traveling in 2005 so all of the emails are in one file. We spent most of the year at the Manchester Beach KOA in Manchester California.

2006 - We complete our obligation at the Manchester Beach KOA. We were able to take some time off to visit kids, grandkids, and take care of our youngest grand son while his sister was born.

- Working in Yuma Arizona, West Yellowstone Montana, and Granby Colorado