Brauer's Photo Gallery

June 2005

Some of our family visited us in June.

P6012900 P6012934 P6012937 P6012938 P6012941
Tristan  Lunch Time  Elk   Mommy  Mendocino 
P6012944 P6012950 P6012951 P6022988 P6022996
Tristan's Famiy  Denise and Aaron  Larry and Adrienne  Grandpa/Grandma  Family 
P6033001 P6143023 P6143024 P6153031 P6153037
Grandpa Grandpa and Daniel  Hayride  The Beach  Shell hunting 
P6163045 P6163054 P6163055 P6163059 P6173063
Fishing Riding  Riding 2  Video Games  Mickie