Where We Were in 2005

Although we spent the year at the Manchester Beach KOA, we did take time to visit family and friends. We were able to explore the area even more and enjoy the beauty of this part of California.

January - Although January started at the Manchester Beach KOA, we had most of the month off. We went to Eugene Oregon to see Larry's daughter and grandson. We also visited all our other children and grand children in Southern California.

February - More photographs of the Manchester Beach area including the sighting of some gray whales.

March - Photographs of the KOA as well as the general area.

April - Photographs taken south of the KOA and we started tent camping.

May - More Photographs of the area

June - Some of our family visit us.

July - Larry visits his sister, and more photographs of the area.

August - More family visits us.

September - More photos of the people and the area.

October - Even more photos of the people and the area.

November - The KOA family, mushrooms, and more views of the area.

December - Among other things, there is very stormy weather and California Highway floods.